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Digital Marketing Trends During A Pandemic

It is no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has altered our way of life in a drastic fashion. The same is true for how businesses think about their online presence. Although things seem uncertain right now and are difficult to predict, it is important to know that there are effective adjustments you can make to your digital marketing strategy that will bring solutions that can also meet your customers’ needs. Here are 4 digital marketing trends that are developing amongst this pandemic and how you can respond in a proactive and effective manner.

  • Solution 1: Website Maintenance
    This is the foundation of your online existence, and what ties all things digital together. That being said, you want to make sure your site is optimized properly and running smoothly. Such optimizations include making sure your site speed is up to standard, and your landing pages are refined which in turn will directly affect your PPC efforts since this is where your ads are leading to.
  • Solution 2: Google My Business
    You want to make sure you get your business listed on Google. With the physical visit either being eliminated or altered, you need to make sure your updated business hours, address, any posts, or photos as well as reviews are properly and accurately displayed. With most of these attributes being modified, it is important to make sure you are getting the right information to your customers.
  • Solution 3: Social Media
    The effectiveness of social media is almost more prominent now than ever. You want to make sure you are staying active and strategic, and using social channels as a tool of communication with your customers. This is where the bulk of your digital marketing strategy will be altered. Being active on these channels builds a level of trust to your customer and lets them know that you are still open or conducting business in other ways.
  • Solution 4: eCommerce
    To put your business in the best position for success, think about adjustments you can make to meet your customers’ new needs. One way to keep sales coming in is by adding eCommerce to your website if it makes sense for your customers and product lines. Stay proactive and have options available to your customers.
  • Solution 5: Promote Yourself Online
    Once you have all the foundation pieces in place, get to promoting! Make sure you do your research and take advantage of all available PPC avenues. Areas to look to for promoting yourself through paid ads are Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook as well as other social media outlets such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

The Trend: Have An Open Mind To New Opportunities

It is important to note that overall internet use is still up 50%, and the good news is that you can still reach your customers. The difference is that they are just looking in different places than usual, like YouTube and social media, which is why it is crucial to advertise across multiple networks rather than just Google Search. This where you can look to make the most effective changes to your paid search strategy.

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